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Photo: another Olympus D-360L pic circa 1999. Octoberfest. Get ten thousand Germans drunk in a massive tent and they… dance on the tables. Munich was a great place to live.

I do love to have a couple of beers and talk up a storm. In normal times it’s often available seven days a week at gigs or the studio (a music-oriented LGBTQ friendly all-ages ‘safe space’ venue full of interesting people). Alas it’s become rather complicated in the last year.

The best research I’ve found says that being thirteen feet apart outdoors or in a ventilated space should be safe. It fits with Ontario’s new rules and Europe’s direction. By coincidence, that’s the same length as the bar in the main room. So in theory, it’s a go. Two people, one at either end and keep the music low so you don’t have to shout.

I’ll run it by a local doctor I’ve been chatting with.

He gives me homework.

It’s awesome.

update: was referred to the guidelines for low intensity exercise when facility is in use. So, keep the ventilation system “fan on”. The distance is more than adequate.

ps. Scientists just learned a lot more about dinosaur butts

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